[ TAIWAN '14 ] 7 days of Summer ☀ Day 01 of celebrating my new found "freedom"!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

I've just ended my 1.5 months notice period after almost 2 years at Splash Media at the end of June and Leon brought me on a 7 day vacation to Taiwan to celebrate my new found "freedom"! hahaha I miss my colleagues thou but i'm excited to have more time to plan for our wedding and also for my blog now. (:

Ugh. hate early morning flights and we have to reach the airport at 6am, somebody asked how is it that my hair looks so styled and princessy at that ungodly hour - I blow dried and curled my hair before i went to bed the night before ( I curled it especially tight so it would last through the night and the entire next day in Taiwan thou. )

So early in the morning *grumpy cat max* 
Reach Taoyuan airport, took a short bus ride to the Taoyuan HSR for a quick 40 ish minutes train ride to Taichung (blogged about how to get from Taoyuan Airport to Taichung HERE previously)

And took a cab to our B&B for the night! We stayed at 呼嚕咖啡 Forro café + 民宿

Unfortunately we didn't get to explore the cafe itself because we have plans to meet with our pre-wedding photographer in Taichung at the bridal studio to pick the gowns and discuss the photoshoot locations etc. But they have this cute fattie kitty who is free to roam the cafe indoors or also outdoors, how nice is that!

Entry way and Common area

[HERB Room] 樂活房 

Love the claw foot bathtub! It was the reason i wanted to stay here for the first night actually, so we can use it for the 1st part of our pre-wedding photoshoot. :P

呼嚕咖啡 | Forro café & 民宿

9am-6pm,closed on tuesdays
Contact: 04-23101661

Rest our feets for a couple minutes and head out to 愛情,蔓延 精緻婚紗 to meet with our photographer Gary Chiu. I was really impressed with Gary's work when i chanced upon his facebook page when I was randomly searching for photographers in Taichung and my mummy wanted to sponsor half the expenses for the photography package so YAY!!! 

The package which cost about 2k includes:

Photography + 100 edited shots by Gary Chiu
Makeup + Florals + Styling by Zoe Shen

No album etc but i'll be putting it together and printing in on my own. 

The reason being that I didn't want to go for the typical popular taiwan bridal studio packages because i didn't want to have that 20, 30 shots limit and top up for shots crap LOL cos I know for sure Leon and I if we were to be put in that situation we will definitely want all the shots and in the end spend a crap load of $$$ on "buying shots" which is kinda BS to me in the first place and of course because i freaking LOVE Gary's + Zoe's work?! Seriously i stalk them everyday for their updates lol

We wanted to get the shoot done and over with at the first 2 days of the trip because we wanted to really pig out the entire rest of the time when we're there (and we did! LOL) so we decided to do the shoot in Taichung, we had quite a hard time choosing which photographer to go with because some rates are lower than others yet of more value in the package, and some with better works in my eyes but no album etc, some of the photographers i shortlisted and check are:

Fany Hsu Photography
Her work is truly amazing, but i found it a little too "dark" for my taste since it's for a pre-wedding shoot but Fany was super helpful and friendly when i chatted with her via FB chat, if we ever want to do a couple 写真 in the future i will definitely consider her

無限視角攝影服務-Yuyen Photography
I saw his FB coverpage (of the couple on the sofa kissing) and i was stunned cos he really managed to capture the moment and the feel of everything 

純粹品味攝影工作室 Pure Sense Photography

魚眼攝影工作室 Fish Eye Photography Studio
I like his stye because he does alot of the tw online store photography so he's style is usually quite bright and girly but i didn't have a super good impression of him while enquring with him on FB so i didn't pick him, lol cos the other photographers I was speaking too were all super friendly and nice!

愛情,蔓延 精緻婚紗 

Hei was my co-ordinator from 愛情,蔓延 and she was also a super taleted in-house seamstress! We tried + picked + even ALTERED the 3 gowns for the photoshoot within under 2 hours! Is that amazing or what?

After the discussion, Gary was really nice to send us back to our B&B and we rested for abit (old already, up early and travelling for half a day is taking a toll on us unlike how we used to LOL)

Nua nua for a little in bed and off we go to 逢甲夜市!

1st stop of the way in 逢甲 - 海边小屋

Of course we must have our favourite 海味 LA LA!

Can't stand the shrill-y + teh + kaopeh voice of the girl who is working at the stall thou, we were making fun of her voice throughout the entire trip and even now when we're back in Singapore LOL her super impressionable annoying ear-piercing voice is permenantly etched into my brains.


Light shopping for contact lenses & at watson before we "retired" for the night because we have to wake up bright and early for the shoot the very next morning~

Currently loving this 2 hair products I got! 
SYOSS Keratin-Primer Mask + Clinicare Split End Fuser leave on treatment

Kind of regretting not getting more of the Clinicare Split End Fuser leave on treatment thou, it's pretty damn good! Hair is super 听话 and smooth until the next day the stylist Zoe's hair rollers kept slipping off my hair lol!

Mmmmm Rub-a-tub-tub, having a golden bath with my chock full of gold glitter bubble bath bomb from LUSH!

I love me some GLITTER BOMB. Nighty night! (:

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

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